Firstly, lets explain the major difference between selecting your fabrics from our stocks or from custom fabrics.

1, – Stocks fabrics are exactly the same as custom fabrics, but with less options. They can be selected in ready-made composition and color & are not leftovers. it will be sent directly to our warehouse. From any PO we start to cut as soon as we receive your deposit.

2, – Custom fabrics, you can assign the composition, color, colour fastness, weight, function, recycled, etc, it usually takes more than 5 weeks, stocks fabrics just need 2-3 weeks, it doesn't need to confrim many details, the specific time depends on the quantity.


Fast to Market Service

Start-up brands or those who prefer to order smaller & more often, will find ordering from stocks to be a major factor in brand growth. Reasons simple.

Re-orders with most manufacturers will take at least two months to make. We aim to produce all re-orders using stock fabrics in just five weeks. That’s lightning speed that virtually no supplier can offer. Waiting months for a top-up can be the death of a brand with missing inventory, styles, colours or sizes being sold out & see your customers moving to other brands to buy their products from.

As you grow & built up a good number of followers, you will be able to pre-plan your next PO & pre order with us your required fabrics so that no time lost in production with custom fabrics.

We work closely with our brands & help them to pre plan re orders or top ups & get things ready & prepared so that when the actual order comes in, we are all set to go the day the order is placed.



1. Each season will see new colours coming on trend; therefore, colours are updated every six months.

2. Should you request fabrics not in stock, please let us know,we'll look for the same or similar.


Fabrics in Plain Colours & Pattern

Below we list many fabrics, plain color or tie dye or digital print pattern for you reference. This assures you that the quality of the fabrics incorporated into your Active clothing will be of the highest grade globally on par with Lululemon, if not even better in moisture wicking, compression & body enhancing attributes. Both can be ordered plain & print.


2_plain color_73nylon+27elantane_250g3_plain color_88poly+12elantane_180g4_tie dye_75nylon+25elantane_220g

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